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Auto Leasing and Car Leasing. We all know that more middle-men means higher cost to the consumer.

 Auto Leasing Direct allows you to lease directly from the leasing company thus avoiding excessive dealer mark-up on the financing terms. Our auto leasing partners have agreed to provide competitive leasing with full disclosure of terms directly to you, all without the hassles and scams found at dealerships.

Auto Leasing Direct FAQ:

  • Is there a cost? No. Auto Leasing Direct is a free service.

  • How does it work? Simply complete the form and a representative will contact you to discuss your quote. 
  • Do you lease used cars? Yes. Auto Leasing Direct lease companies can be very competitive on used vehicles, particularly higher-end models.
  • What about my trade? Most of our partner leasing companies will buy or facilitate the trade of your clean, used car when you lease.
  • I have already found a new/used car. Can you help me? Absolutely. This is where Auto Leasing Direct really shines. Our lease company partners can lease vehicles from dealers, private individuals, and even a vehicle that you already own.
  • Do I have to haggle with the Dealer? No. Auto Leasing Direct lease companies work out all the details and paperwork with the dealer. All you do is sign the lease contract and of course make the payments.  

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