Who Uses Expert Lease Pro?

Most of our customers are consumers looking to save money on their next vehicle. However, more and more professionals are discovering Expert Lease Pro's extensive capabilities. Our Professional customers include:

  • Automotive Consultants and Buying Service Professionals.

  • Car Salesman who need stand-alone lease calculations.

  • Accountants and CPA's for advising their clients.

  • Attorneys for analyzing fraudulent lease transactions.

  • Some state Attorneys General have used it to prosecute crooked car dealers and leasing companies.

In 1996, the US Federal Reserve Board purchased 2 copies of Expert Lease Pro shortly before Regulation M was modified via the Consumer Leasing Act.

"Leasing has never been easier!! Thanks to your software, my customers have been very pleased with their deals. As auto brokers we strive to even the playing field between dealers and hard working Americans. We are grateful for this software and would recommend it to anyone."

Plinio Vargas
Professional Negotiators

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