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Start-Ups Window

With leasing, the devil's in the details. There are all sorts of places a sneaky salesman can hide all sorts of fees and charges. Expert Lease Pro's Start-Ups window allows you to track and manipulate any fee, tax, or charge. The unique interface allows you to move amounts from capitalize to cash with a single click. You can override calculated values, control if an item is taxable, and edit item description from within this window.

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Payment Calculations

The more you know and understand about leasing the more confidence you will have during negotiations. With Expert Lease Pro you can see exactly how your lease payment is calculated by clicking on the Payment button.


"You may recall we spoke last week about the Lexus 300 ES my wife was going to lease from a local dealer. Thanks to the Expert Lease Pro program I purchased, we realized the so-called "money factor" was .00399 (equivalent to an APR of 9.61%!) Based on your advice, I called the salesman back and strongly complained about the rate. After a quick "consult" with his manager, he called back to say it would be reduced to a more reasonable .00249% (5.91% APR). This will save my wife $1,080 per year and $3,2400 over the lease term! Many thanks to you and your ELP program!"

Kevin K., Washington, DC June 6th, 2002


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