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CarDeals Rebate & Incentive Report

Clicking on the Rebates button at the top of the Expert Lease Pro screen opens the CarDeals Rebate and Incentive Report. CarDeals lists all of the current factory-to-customer rebates and factory-to-dealer incentives. Each listing states the vehicle, amount of the incentive, and the expiration date. As a consumer, you must know about available programs in order to ensure that the dealer passes on some or all of the incentive to you. Otherwise, it could go straight into the dealer's pocket.

CarDeals is licensed from the Center for Study of Services in Washington, DC. Although not perfect, the CarDeals report is the best compilation of this type information we have found.

In addition to the CarDeals report, Expert Lease Pro includes links to the manufacturers that publish incentives on their web sites.


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 Scott Dunham

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Angela Herrera

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