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Lease vs. Buy Analysis

Expert Lease Pro allows you to perform a sophisticated lease vs. buy analysis that will tell you which is cheaper lease, loan, or cash. By comparing the future value of cash flow for each of these options you are able to account for your time value of money or "lost interest". This means you account for when you pay an amount as well as how much the amount is. The software allows you to specify the your "investment interest rate" according to your own personal situation.

Competing wizards and calculators simply add up the monthly and down payments ignoring your lost interest cost which can be substantial.

Expert Lease Pro also allows users to compare any three leases side-by-side, based on future value of cash flow.

"After having read through your website I decided to order your software - Many thanks for developing something of great use for us consumers out there! Your software is so easy to use within minutes it enabled me to see exactly what kind of a deal I am getting on my new lease. I read from your website that you now offer Free Lease Analysis... Many thanks once again for a great product."

 Jonathan Harris

"I really like the update. The consumer info and tech specs sections should prove helpful. The information layout is great also. Keep up the good work. In this business there is no such thing as too much information."

Mark T. Watson

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