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Leasing a car is a complex business transaction that will likely cost tens of thousands of dollars. Choosing the right leasing tool can help you avoid many extremely expensive mistakes. Think about it. Winning one little concession or spotting one little scam can easily save you hundreds if not thousands. Sure Expert Lease Pro costs a little more, but remember you get what you pay for!


"Before buying Expert Lease Pro, I bought [competing product]. It was just horrible. It was the most worthless thing I have bought over the Internet."

Tim T., upon placing his order for Expert Lease Pro


1. User Support

Heed help? With Expert Lease Pro you pick up the phone and dial a toll-free 800 number and get answers to questions about the software or leasing in general.
FAQ's on web site, e-mail.
2. Personalized Lease Analysis
Am I getting a good deal? Expert Lease Pro users get FREE unlimited use of our Leasing HotLine where you can get a 5-point professional analysis of any deal. Without Expert Lease Pro this service is available for $25 for first 20 min.+ $1 per min thereafter.
You're on your own here. Good Luck!
3. Rebates and Incentives
Should I get a rebate on this car? Expert Lease Pro includes the CarDeals Rebate & Incentive Report which lists them all. Plus you will find links to some manufacturer's published cash offers.
Don't worry, the salesman always alerts the customer to rebates and dealer incentives, don't they? 
4. True Effective APR
What interest rate am I paying? Expert Lease Pro always shows you the true effective interest rate (APR) for your lease.
Does not show equivalent rate when factor is entered. Or, does not show factor when rate is entered.
5. Payment Calculations
How is my payment calculated? Click on the Payment button and Expert Lease Pro shows you exactly how your payment is calculated out to tenths of a cent.
I guess you have to trust them.
6. Power - Work with Multiple Lease Deals
Expert Lease Pro's unique multi- page interface allows you to copy, add, delete and analyze several deals at once which are all saved in one file. This allows you to easily explore what-if scenarios and compare multiple deals side-by-side on one screen.
One deal per file. Must save and load file to switch deals. 
7. Lease vs Buy
Should I lease or buy? Expert Lease Pro tells you which is cheaper - Lease, Loan, or Cash based on future value of cash flow. This true lease/buy analysis accounts for when you pay an amount as well as how much you pay. 
You can tell which is cheaper just by looking at the payments, can't you?
8. Force Payment Feature
How did the salesman come up with that payment? Expert Lease Pro's Force Payment feature calculates price, cash down, residual, factor, or months to achieve a desired payment. Expert Lease Pro accounts for all taxes and fees.
Separate form requires re-entry of lease variables and does not account for taxes and fees.
9. Professional Features
Power tools for power users: single-payment leases, customizable reports, payment tables, side-by-side lease comparison, customer database, balloon loan calculations, and more.
Aw, who needs that stuff anyway.

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11. Documentation - Online Help
Expert Lease Pro's help file contains 75 topics on leasing and how to use the software. Also included is the 13-page Getting Started guide complete with step-by-step instructions and screen shots. Printed User's Guide available for extra cost (see below).
Help files can be thin or stuffed with extraneous info such as the author's autobiography. Most offer no option for printed manual.
12. Need it on CD?
For an additional $10, we will mail you Expert Lease Pro on CD and a 77-page spiral bound printed User's Guide (you still get to download).
$10 extra for CD only. 

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Comparison based on  Expert Lease Pro full version Release 7.0 and competitive products downloaded on 2/1/2002.

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