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Expert Lease Pro includes Invoice and MSRP new car prices, residuals, and rebates and incentives for all new vehicles.
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Do's and Don'ts of Leasing

Nothing can make a price drop like a better deal from someone else. Use competition to your advantage: Request a free, no obligation quote from each of our partners listed to the right. Then when the salesman tries to convince you that $500 off sticker is a "great deal", you can say, "Gee, that's funny. I got three offers right here that are $1000 less than your price." Then watch his price drop to 100 bucks over invoice.
  3. CarsDirect
  5. FordDirect


  • Your Homework. Learn as much as you can about leasing. Be sure to understand how a lease works and the meaning of the terms.
  • Read the Lease Contract - especially the fine print - BEFORE you sign it. BE SURE to understand your obligations and liabilities for early termination.
  • Make Sure All the Figures Add Up. Calculate the monthly payment yourself. If it doesn't match with the payment on the contract, ask questions until you understand why.
  • Know the Invoice and MSRP for the vehicle you are leasing.
  • Be Prepared to Go the Distance. Early termination of any lease is seldom painless and almost always costly. Make sure that your personal situation will allow you to fulfill all of the obligations of the contract.


  • Pay Too Much for the Car. Ask yourself: would I be willing to buy this car for the capitalized cost? If the answer is no, go back to the negotiating table.
  • Lease Without Gap Insurance. For just a few dollars a month, you protect yourself from a big loss in the event of forced termination.
  • Lease Without Full Disclosure of the money factor, residual value, and the capitalized cost. If the dealer is reluctant, be persistent and state that you will not lease without this information. After all, you wouldn't take out a loan without knowing the interest rate, would you?
  • Accept an Open-End Lease. Remember, in an open-end lease the payment is based on an estimated residual value. If the actual value is less at the end of the lease, you must pay the difference.


Expert Lease Pro includes Invoice and MSRP new car prices, residuals, and rebates and incentives for all new vehicles.


Without a doubt this is the most hassle-free method of buying a car we know of. Getting a price from these guys is so quick and easy, that it should be the first step in any new car acquisition.

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When Paul Dignan strode into a Nissan dealership to hammer out a lease earlier this year, he was all smiles. It wasn't the snazzy sportsters in the showroom that put the twinkle in his eye, but the nitty-gritty research up his sleeve. Dignan had earlier used car-shopping software called Expert Lease Pro.

"I was loaded for bear. When they quoted prices to me, I just pulled out my sheets, pointed to the invoice price and said, 'You're trying to charge me X and your cost is only Y.' " Dignan says he saved $2,000 by using Expert Lease Pro to leverage a better bargain.

Expert Lease gave Dignan another ace in the hole for his lease negotiations: the estimated value of the car at the end of the lease, also known as the residual value.

"Expert Lease Pro goes the extra mile...provides a wealth of financial data."

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