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Expert Lease Pro is more than just an automotive leasing calculator or wizard. It is powerful software to help you negotiate the best possible deal on a new or used car. Expert Lease Pro has been used by over 14,000 consumers and leasing professionals nationwide to negotiate better deals and save money. With it you can evaluate any lease or purchase, spot hidden fees, overcharges, or other car dealer tricks that may cost you hard earned money.

Expert Lease Pro includes professional new car pricing and generic residual value quotes that predict the vehicle's value at the end of the lease. This is the same information many leasing companies and dealerships use across the county.

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Purchase Expert Lease then let us analyze your lease for you! Call us with your numbers and we will tell you if its good, bad, or ugly.

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"An Equalizer... Saved Leo Galanti $3,000" 
Money Magazine

"Gives you a great psychological boost" 
Wall Street Journal Smart Money

Although Expert Lease Pro costs slightly more than some cheaper wizards and calculators, it is money well spent. Using our software could save hundreds or even thousands of dollars. A small investment now for the best automotive leasing product available can pay off in a big way.

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"I wanted to take a few moments to thank you for your guidance and assistance during my recent car buying experience. The entire process is very stressful and emotional but knowing that I have help just a phone call away has made it bearable.

Your advice was a big help in leveling out the playing field against an already uphill process.

Thanks again for your assistance!!!"


Robert D.

"I'd like to let you know that your software was an invaluable tool when dealing with the car dealers. I can't tell you how many times I had to correct their own calculations. It really helped me understand what the components of the leases were. This in turn helped me with the negotiations.... I was able to negotiate a Honda Pilot for $787 below invoice and a Honda Civic for $193 below invoice and leased through Honda financing."

Best Regards
Al Accatino

"As a first time lessee, Chart Software's Expert Lease Pro helped me feel very confident that I understood the details of an auto lease contract and prepared me to negotiate a great deal. I was particularly impressed with how immediately accessible the software is for novice users while revealing remarkable depth as your experience grew. Together with the enthusiastic and knowledgeable telephone support, this company delivers fantastic return on investment.

I would recommend Expert Lease Pro is THE comprehensive product for negotiating your next auto lease."


Michael Mann

"Once again Expert Lease Pro software saved me from the jaws of hungry salesman, eager to separate me from my hard earned money.

With a recent, successful purchase of a 2006 Lexus ES330, "stickered" at $34,439.00 with all the options I wanted, for an out the door price of...$29,405.50!

Additionally, the included Car Deals Report made me aware of the $1000.00 Factory to Dealer rebate which the dealer discounted to me. By Lease Pro's calculations, we saved a total of $100.00 per month for the duration of the loan too!

You too can do the math, once you have with Lease Pro working for you!"


Tom Knibbs

"I leased the 2006 Highlander yesterday...I would like to thank you for not only developing an excellent, user friendly leasing software, but the special attention and time you devoted to making me understand and walk me through the entire leasing process. I ended up saving at least $3000 on the whole deal."

Many Thanks
Rohit Bhatia

"I was very pleasantly surprised to receive a telephone call from your office on Saturday as I was struggling with my computer to download your leasing program. Apparently, someone on your end realized that I had a problem and called me to help. Very seldom do you get this type of service these days. In any event, the problem was quickly solved (my fault, of course) and I was able to go about my business.

I have been using your auto leasing program since 1999, and the information contained has allowed me to save thousands of dollars in leasing my own cars. Keep up the good work."

  Very truly yours
Barry C. Knott, Esq

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